Discovery is one of the most important part of cvpm, which allows thirdparties to provide model registries on their behalf, users to query models with SDKs and etc.

It is an open source service, locates in the discovery folder, and deployed as a docker-based distributed service for use.


Thanks to our generous sponsors, we could be able to deploy and maintain our discovery services on various kind of cloud services.

Our main infrastructure depends on the following cloud services:

  • AWS DynamoDB for providing database.
  • AWS Cognito for user authentication.
  • Cloudflare for DNS.
  • Docker Cloud for providing container build and deploy services.
  • Open Stack for providing virtual machines.


Our servers locates in difference regions. By using load balancer, it should be able to provide users in different areas with nearly the same request overhead. We now support the following area:

  • Hong Kong (Provided by Cyberport Hong Kong)
  • Mainland China (Provided by Tencent Cloud)
  • Nova, US (Provided by Open Source Lab, Oregon State University)

But for now, our storage service in only available in the following area and our intranet.

  • Nova, US(Provided by Open Source Lab, Oregon State University)
  • Mainland China (Provided by DiDi Cloud)

Other paid models are currently served by Amazon S3 and therefore have a better bandwidth support. Noted that some other models are stored by our registry provider, therefore the request and download time may vary due to their bandwidth.


Our Discovery Service provides the following services:

  • Model Discovery
  • Registry Management
  • Pretrained Discovery
  • User Authentication
  • Statistics
  • Other Utilities

API Reference