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User Friendly

It is smaller and less complex than some other computer vision libraries. It provide an easy-to-use user interface to interacts with.

Developer Friendly

Enjoy the dev experience of developing with CVTron. Adopting it to your own product is very soon and easy. Join our community will bring you more fun to develop with.

Commercial Ready

Feel free to use it in your commercial product. Some companies have tested it in production environment already. We are also providing consulting service.

As Easy as 1, 2, 3

# install
curl xxx # OR npm install -g vuepress

# Download Computer Vision Package
cvpm install xzyaoi/Face_Utility # OR cvpm install https://github.com/xzyaoi/Face_Utility

# start writing
cvpm repo run xzyaoi/Face_Utility/Face_Detection


CVPM requires Python >= 3.5