CVPM - Computer Vision Package Manager


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CVPM is a package manager for computer vision. It helps you to download, install and run a computer vision service.



Full documentation can be found here.


  • [2018-10-29] The development of CVPM is under heavy development and we have changed many api designs in the last 2 weeks. There might be some minor differences in the documentation because of that broken change. We Strongly recommend you to wait until the next official release (v0.1). It is supposed to be the first stable version, and there should not be any major api changes since that.


If you found a security bugs, please do not post it in issues or any other public forum. You can send me email directly.


Affiliated Project

This project is inspired from CVTron.


Q: Where can I find useful models?

A: There are three places. The first one, which is we recommend most, is our model hub, where you can download, purchase, search models. The second one is GitHub, in GiHub, you can search for CVPM_Available in readme file, which indicates that repository is compatible with CVPM. The third one is our forum, where you can discuss performance of models, and ask for others models.